Chiropractic Treatment Philosophy

In recent years orthodox medical opinion has changed to 'active management' based on 'early rehabilitation and restoration of function'. In other words, aiming to treat the cause not the symptoms. This has been the Chiropractic principle for many years and is our primary aim here at the Wymondham Chiropractic and Natural Health Clinic.

We believe that treatment is very much a partnership between you and your Chiropractor. We pride ourselves on giving the very best care possible, which is based on the latest evidence and most current clinical protocols.

We believe in patient centred treatment and will always try and reduce treatment episodes and increase self help exercises and homework. It is important for patients to take responsibility for their health.

What's involved

There are three chiropractic components to treatment at this clinic. Patients are treated in many different ways and even within a treatment programme your treatment may change depending on your progress. We always treat patients relative to what we find on examination. Treatments are very specific and we may wish to co-treat you with your GP, or with a fellow practitioner at the clinic.

Manual Therapy

  • Manipulation and mobilisation techniques
  • Soft tissue work (massage, trigger point therapy, stretching etc)
  • Applied Kinesiology (testing your muscle tone)
  • Cryotherapy (heat and ice treatments)
  • Medical Acupuncture (and occasionally meridian based acupuncture)


  • Preventative
  • Rehabilitative and Postural
  • General

Patient Advice

  • Postural correction
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle advice
Musculoskeletal and Sports Therapy Specialist Treating Chiropractor Undertaking Treatment