Testimonials and Case Studies

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone (especially Tom) at the Wymondham Chiropractic Clinic. For more than half my life I have suffered with a bad back following a bad dive into a swimming pool at the age of 17. Since then I have just put up with an aching back and got used to having constant pain. It was only in April after my muscles went into spasm and I ended up going to A&E because I couldn't walk more than two or three steps that I decided enough was enough and I needed to get my back sorted out.

My back felt a bit better just before my first appointment after resting it on holiday abroad, but I thought I would still go and get it checked out- and I am so glad I did! Everyone at the clinic is so friendly and really knows their stuff. Tom didn't make me feel like a fraud and after my consultation I was so happy to learn that with treatment my back problems could improve. I am currently having treatment on my back and doing the exercises I have been given- it makes you want to do them when you realise the positive effect they and the treatment are having. It especially helps when the exercises are explained to you and why they will help to strengthen my back. The advice on my workstation was really helpful too and I have put into practice what I was told.

I come out of the treatment room feeling about a stone lighter and 6 inches taller and one of the best feelings ever was when I woke up and realised that my back wasn't aching at all. I actually felt ‘normal’ as I couldn’t remember the feeling of not suffering with backache. I do still get some niggles but my muscles do seem to be strengthening up and if I do something stupid like carrying too much shopping or pick something up wrong, my recovery time is getting much quicker and I'm hoping that by carrying on my treatment and exercises the niggles will disappear too.

I opted for Wymondham Chiropractic Clinic as a lot of people I have spoken to have had treatment there and always with a really positive outcomes and I can now add myself to this list. I wish I'd come to you years ago to get this sorted out and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Thank you

T Spenton

Liz Langmead

I was first introduced to the clinic in 1996 by an existing patient having suffered for a year from extreme headaches and chronic back pain following an RTA in 1995. The NHS had prescribed paracetamol and anti-depressants for what turned out to be a pelvis that had been put out offline from impact with tarmac from a height of 12ft and subsequent neck pain. Andre Lucchetti treated me with great understanding and within weeks the headaches had gone.

Andre is extremely gifted, a very clever man with a good bedside manner and basically "walks on water." His clinic is a very friendly welcoming place to be, the receptionist’s kind, understanding and helpful and all patients treated with respect.

I would and have recommended this clinic for not only back problems but the alternative therapies that are offered by the other professionals.

It's a good place to be and must be sampled to be fully appreciated.

L Langmead

I cannot praise this clinic highly enough. I have suffered from a difficult and painful back problem for some years and the care and treatment I have received has helped me enormously. More recently I have had a very painful condition (reflex sympathetic dystrophy/Sudecks atrophy), triggered by a fractured wrist. Thanks to prompt diagnosis and treatment at the clinic my recovery time has been halved. The dedication of all the staff is second to none.

C Lawrence

T Goring

I have known, and been treated by Andrea Lucchetti for the 16 years he has been practising in Wymondham. At the time, due to my back problems, my GP had said that I would be in a wheelchair within a year. However, with Andrea's help, thankfully I am not.

I am further thankful to Andrea, who last year probably saved my life. Whilst re-assessing my back problems with X-rays he had just taken, he discovered and diagnosed the fact that I had quite an advanced abdominal aortic aneurysm. He immediately took the X-rays to my GP, who arranged for a scan, which resulted in major surgery to repair the artery.

Here I am, one year later, eternally thankful to Andrea’s X-ray equipment and his diagnostic skill and ability, without which I may not have been here to write this testimonial.

T Goring

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Raphael for the immense improvement brought about over the last three months.

The constant pain and stiffness in my neck had become intolerable, responding only temporarily to the effects of the strongest, non-prescription analgesics I could obtain and significantly diminishing my quality of life.

I confess that, knowing nothing about chiropractic, I regarded my GP's advice to contact you with some scepticism, an attitude rapidly transformed to optimism and relief as the effects of your advice and treatment became apparent to the point where I am now pain free most of the time. I cannot thank enough.

Tony, chartered surveyor.

Two years ago I was suffering from chronic pain in my back and hip; it also went into my leg and foot. I went to my local doctor who just gave me some pain killers, and that was all. The pain was so intense one day I was taken to the West Norwich hospital where I was given morphine based pain killers that were stronger and told that nothing else could be done about the pain. The surgeon would not undertake an operation due to my heart problem.

I was recommeded by my brother in law to contact Raphael Schafer who gave me a thorough examination and took two x-rays, which revealed the problem. The right hand side of my bottom disc was badly worn causing my spine to bend and to rub against my sciatic nerve.

I proceeded with two weeks of intensive treatment, which gradually reduced to check up visits every three months. After one months I was already pain free! I am now living a normal life doing the garden and going about my every day routine.

I really think that had I not seen Raphael Schafer I would probably be in a wheelchair now. I highly recommend Raphael Schafer and his excellent work.

L Wright

I have never had back pain before and this struck me so badly I could not walk properly or sit down. When I did the pain was awful it made me scream. The following day I visited the chiropractic clinic in Wymondham and was told I had an inflamed joint in my low back. Immediately after treatment the relief was instant, I was able to walk out without pain. A further visit was required next day, but within a few days I was completely back to normal.

Mrs Aldous

Kenny Allen GB Paralympic Archery Team

Andrea has been invaluable to my traning and competing. His help and advice keeps me shooting to the best of my abilities.

Without his help I'm sure I would not have had the success I have so far, and future success with the GB Paralympic Archery Team. I recently developed a shoulder complaint and Andrea identified and treated a strained muscle. This correction allowed me to participate in a European Paralympic competition and take the gold medal. I can't praise the clinic highly enough for their help and concern over the years.

Kenny Allen GB Paralympic Archery Team