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Paul Quigley joins the chiropractic team

In mid July Paul joined the team of chiropractors.  We warmly welcome him to the chiropractic clinic! He comes with a wealth of experience in the field of core strengthening and spinal stability exercise programmes, and I am sure he will add a new and exciting dimension to the clinic skills pool.

He has replaced Raphael Schafer who, after seven years at the clinic felt it was time to return to his native Germany. 


New State Of The Art Xray Suite

We believe in giving our patients the very best care we can and we recently invested in a new state of the art x-ray system. Both the machine that takes the x-rays and the developing machine have been replaced with the highest grade system on the market.  

The radiation dose to patients has been drammatically cut and image quality has also significantly improved. We decided to buy the Agfa CR 30-X with the very latest technology- Musca2, see link for more information:

We replaced the x-ray machine with a high frequency generator unit, which also uses the very latest technology. This system is made by a world leading manufacturer and is designed to take accurate, low dose x-rays.




Once the x-rays are taken, they can be viewed instantly, turned into jpeg images (which can be emailed / printed)  or burned onto CD. Copies of your x-rays are made available at no extra cost 



CV Africa Challenge


Patient Eleanor Chubb and co driver Richard Hollis are attempting to undertake a really epic challenge - 9000km through Africa cutting straight across the Sahara Desert in a 25 year old 602cc Citroen 2CV tinsnail as part of the 2009 Touareg Trail. They have created and will maintain the car themselves.

Aiming to raise £5000 for Motor Neurone Disease Association, they will travel for a month from Brussels (Belgium), across France, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso and finish by the sea in Benin. Accompanied by 24 other Citroen 2CV's they set off on October 31st and reach the finish by November 29th. The journey includes some of the harshest terrain on the planet!

Any one interested in sponsoring her can click on this link:

The Great North Run 2009



On the 20th September, Andrea Lucchetti took part in the 2009 Great North Run With the help of four of his patients who also ran, he was able to beat his last years race time and finish in a personal best of one hour 45 minutes. He was extremely grateful to his many patients at the clinic, familly and friends who all made generous donations to his charity- The Spinal InjuriesAssociation.  

 The SIA help support people who have been paralyzedfollowing spinal chord injuries. . In total more then £700.00 was raised,- thank you to every one who sponsored me.



The Great North Run 2008

On a suprisingly warm and dry Sunday in early October, Andrea Lucchetti took part in the Great North Run, to raise money for one of his patients. Glenice Briant was left paralysed from the neck down following a sudden growth into her spinal chord. This year Andrea is aiming to raise over £3000.00 to allow her to purchase a specialsed electric bicyle.  Thanks mainly to the generosity of his patients, he was able to raise over £1700.00. He found the run an extremely humbling experience, considering that most of the 52000 runners were raising money for charity.

Chiropractic treatment followed by soft tissue therapy at the clinic helped him recover from a thigh injury and complete the course in 1 hr 56 minutes.

bridgeGreat north run


Next....The London Marathon!

Chiropractors at the Forum

Chiropractors at the ForumOn May 10th,chiropractors Raphael, Andrea and Tom, along with Sheena the Practice Manger spent the day at the Forum, Norwich. The passing public were invited to take part in the Great Wall Challenge.

Only about 5% of the 100 people we assessed could do this. This statistic seems to be very consistent with research carried out by the BCA. The great wall challenge, a test designed to determine whether people have developed poor posture is an objective way to show people just how bad there posture has become!

This test is done against a wall, with your back flat against it. In theory someone with a good upper back posture should be able to put both their arms into a 'surrender' position as shown in the picture below, with their shoulders at 90 degrees. In this position you should be able to place the back of your hands against the wall- and this ischiropractic wall challenge the challenge! remember also that you must keep you back flat against the wall too!!

This person has failed the test as you can see her hands are not able to touch the wall.

Try it, but don't cheat!!


Visiting Spooner Row School

The Diss Mercury covered our recent visit to Spooner Row School to promote the Straighten Up UK exercise programme.   This three minute exercise campaign has been devised by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) to get people of all ages moving, while improving their posture and spinal health.

Download the full newspaper article here.

Chiropractic Awareness Week

As part of Chiropractic Awareness Week we have appeared on Anglia TV.  The full clip is available below:

The video above requires Adobe Flash to play - this can be downloaded free from the Adobe Website.