Please Find below a list of Medical Insurance Companies covering Chiropractic as of February 2008.

(Please be advised that this list is a guideline and it is strongly recommended that you contact your individual Insurer prior to initiating any treatment. Furthermore, this list is based on information that the British chiropractic association has been able to obtain and is not necessarily complete)

Companies requiring GP and Consultant Referral:

  • AXA PPP Healthcare
  • Bristol Contributory Welfare Ass. Ltd
  • BUPA
  • Cigna Healthcare & Group Life
  • CS Healthcare
  • Groupama
  • The Medisure Group Limited
  • Provincial Hospital Services Association
  • Standard Life Healthcare
  • Universal Provident (Formerly known as UPL Universal Provider Limited)

Companies requiring a GP Referral:

  • Healthwise Ltd
  • Westfield Contributory Health Scheme
  • Western Provident Association

Open Access:

  • BHSF Limited (Formerly known as Health Scheme)
  • BUPA Cash Plan
  • Standard Life Healthcare (acquired first assist)
  • HealthSure Group Ltd
  • Health Shield Friendly Society Ltd
  • Hospital Saturday Fund
  • HSA
  • Mercia Health Benefits
  • Medicash
  • National Deposit Friendly Society Ltd
  • Pay Care (Formerly known as (Patients' Aid Association)
  • EMR Limited (formerly known as Rubicon Health)
  • Sovereign Health Care
  • WHA Healthcare

Special Requirements:

  • Corporate Medical Managements Ltd
  • Norwich Union Healthcare

Depending on the policy, we are able to invoice the insurance company directly. Alternatively, a receipt can be issued after each treatment or group of treatments so that the patient can claim directly.

If Wymondham Chiropractic and Natural Health Clinic is claiming on your behalf we require your policy number, any case reference and confirmation of total number of treatments allocated prior to the first consultation.