Wymondham Chiropractic Clinic

This clinic has an excellence and experience which has enabled the building of our unique team of practitioners.

We believe that a pro-active multi-disciplinary approach is the key to the most effective patient care and have therefore built a strong experienced team of clinicians and therapists all working together in our clinic.

We are pro-active; this means our team cross refers not only within the clinic but also externally with patients’ general practitioners, hospital Consultants, and other health care professionals.

Every one who comes to the clinic has their unique stresses and strains, their own pain. All the practitioners in our clinic strive to identify and address these individual aspects and return each person to full health. We always seek to work with our patients to achieve the best care possible.

This is our vision of holistic care.

"Expect us to take your problems seriously and spend the required time finding the right solution for you"

Andrea Lucchetti, Clinic Director

Clinic Reception Chiropractic Treatment